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American Barbecue

In the United States, to grill is to cook meat relatively quickly using the direct heat imparted by a charcoal or propane fire, while barbecue is a much slower method utilizing the indirect heat imparted by the smoke of a wood-fueled fire (and attended to over an extended period of several hours).

There are probably as many schools of thought on how barbecue should be done as there are NFL teams, and discussions on the subject incite the sort of impassioned debate usually reserved for sporting teams, however it's safe to say that there's nothing quite like tasty, juicy American barbecue - in fact it's addictive and cult inspiring - once you've tried it you will forever savour that taste and seek opportunities to recreate it.

Whether you're new to barbecue or a die-hard barbecue tragic, the authentic range of marinades, rubs and sauces from Stubbs BBQ is sure to be a hit at your place.